Production process

“Field sigh” an important word into Vinegar history as we need soft sigh from our fields, and temperature coming from the Sun,worldwide known “Spanish sun” that bring us possibility to offer best Vinegar possible. But nobody discovered how was created the veil at the top of the bottle of wine after a few days… until PASTEUR, in 1865. His researches on the ferments and the role played by microscopic organisms made him understand the reason why there is an acidification. It’s a bacteria, an acetobacter, a 1000th of a millimetre, carried by the dust in the air. He named this bacteria acetic mycoderma aceti, because he believed being in presence of a fungus. This bacteria fixes the oxygen in the air and transforms it into acid. As the acidic fermentation progresses, the bacteria developped on the surface to form a light white veil known as the “mother” of vinegar. When this accumulation of bacteria becomes too important, the bacteria dies and falls at the bottom of the vat. This continues until the exhaustion of the remaining alcohol present in the middle. This is how PASTEUR understood how vinegar was naturally made and the way all vinegars have always been produced.
Today we found many uses more that specific condiment one; it helps to fight against lices for our childrens and pets, fight some small “plages” at home, cleaning floor, radiator in&out, give bright to our plant at home,etc…….but most important innovation founds into helps our body to control digestion, protect our skin for insect bite, and in some publications into Medical magazines is using to help in intense fighting against some cancers(“Insider Health News” reference publication.)

In ECOVINAL, can found widest portfolio in Europe with more than 30 different Vinegar types; CONVENTIONAL, ORGANIC and specific KOSHER PASSOVER for jewish population.