Organic olive oil raw unfiltered

Production process

The olive harvest usually gets underway in mid autumn just before winter get into our Spanish fields, when the fruit is fully ripe.
The job of harvesting the olives is a process that has barely changed over the past two millennia. From Greco-Roman olive cultivation we have inherited the techniques of “vareo” (beating) ”and “ordeño” (hand-picking) passed down generation to generation since time immemorial.
Ordeño, or hand-picking consists of collecting the olives directly from the tree to avoid damaging either the fruit or the tree.

Once olives are into tractors is moving to Factory, called “Almazara” ,following procedure starts:

  • Milling: The first step in making olive oil is milling or grinding the olives to destroy the structure of the plant tissues forming them
  • Malaxing: Slow mixing or malaxing the milled olive paste helps the oil droplets to bind together into larger droplets. Because the olives are harvested in cold weather (autumn/winter), and to aid in the extraction of the oil, malaxers tend to have a heating system that usually consists of a double wall or inner tubes where a heating fluid circulates. Excessively heating the oil to more than 25º C leads to significant harmful changes in quality, since the volatile components that contribute to the flavour of fine oils are lost or quickly degrade at higher temperatures.
  • Centrifuging: This is how the solids and liquids are separated using centrifugal force. This process yields an oil with a bit of water in it, as well as the solid mass of the olives and the remaining water (pomace)..
  • Decanting: In this process, all the remaining water is removed from the oil.

These steps in making olive oil are the ones used today and have helped to significantly improve the quality of the oil. Traditionally, the olives were milled using stones, and the resulting paste was poured over hemp baskets and later pressed to yield the oil. The lengthiness of the process and the remains left throughout the entire process made it very difficult to craft good-quality oil.

From that process, we´re in position to decide if want to produce “Extra virgin”, “Refined Olive oil” or just “Pomace olive oil” and stored into Stainless steel tanks exclusively to maintain right properties and avoid any non desire flavours to olive oil

Product Range

  • Extra Virgin Olive oil
  • Organic Olive oil raw unfiltered
  • Pomace Olive oil.


250ml, 500ml ,750ml, 1Lt, 2Lt and 5Lt bottle in PET and 250ml, 500ml, 750ml and 1Lt in Glass.