Lemon Juice

Production process

“FIELD SIGH” gives our Lemons right temperature balance with Sun´s support of Vitamin. Originally from SouthEast Asia, Lemon varieties have been extended in many countries with Alejandro Magno help and in our country was important Mushlim presence in South for years.Directly from Spanish Fields,mostly from “Fino” variety, specific grown in Spain (it has got higher juice content that other varieties, like “Sicilian”, “Verna”, “Eureka”) lemons are picked from a tree by hand before sending to a Factory to be squezzed and put into tanks for proper conservation treathments that permit maintain maximum Fruit properties, like as the moment once it´s collectiong from a tree.
After this procedure , product result; Lemon Juice needs to be balanced acidity and degress brix, depending destination uses, and country destination or customer specification before filling into bottles.

Lemon Juice is a wonderful antioxidant, also using a lot to cured a little some fresh molluscs, in Bakery to do mainly lovely Pancakes.

Now also you can use our Lemon or Lime Juices to made your cocktails, and of course world famous “MOJITO”…


250ml, 500ml, 1lt and 2Lts PET Bottles with different shapes.